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Persnickety Prints delivers the individual, hands-on experience you expect from boutique shops with the high quality, scalability, and urgency you demand from a large full-scale photo lab.

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          • We are photographers, graphic designers, digital scrapbookers & creative artists.
          • We are your team. We are here to serve you.
          • We don't believe in photo sku's or order numbers.
          • You are our customer. You have a name. So do we....
CHARI:  Chari converted to digital scrapbooking over 5 years ago, but could not find a quality, archival 12x12 print at an affordable price. After her long search, she saw a need and created her own; Persnickety Prints.
Before founding Persnickety Prints, Chari helped numerous organizations increase their online presence and revenue through her creative services. Chari's excellent retail knowledge and expertise comes from over 10 years of service at the retail industry giant, GAP.  When Chari is not working on the next innovative business idea, she is calling a customer about their low resolution image or driving one of her 3 boys to a soccer game, tennis lesson, or scouts. You may also catch her at the nearest gas station grabbing a 44 oz. Diet Pepsi (mixed with a little cherry coke + extra ice). Date nights with her Husband of 14 years usually consist of a long single track mountain bike ride, skiing, fishing, or camping. She enjoys playing soccer on a local “soccer mom” indoor team. Chari is Persnickety in all things.

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AUBREY:  Aubrey received her Associate's degree in Interior Design and is now working on her Bachelor's degree in Visual Arts with an emphasis in photography at Brigham Young University. Aubrey's passion is design and photography. In her spare time she loves playing competitive sports. Her favorites are basketball and volleyball. Aubrey wears many hats, she rocks our customer support, events and communications. http://www.aubrey.photography/

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JANAE: Portrait Photographer. Creative & outgoing. In her spare time, Janae enjoys playing basketball and spending time with her husband of 5 years. You wouldn’t be able to tell by looking at her, but she enjoys eating sweets and always has a Dr. Pepper near by.  Putting the E in Persnickety,  Janae is a very fast and efficient team player. http://www.janae.photography/

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BRIAN: Brian recently joined our team from Seattle.  Currently studying at the Utah Valley University.  He loves making projects perfect for others to help them find exactly what they want and need.  In his spare time you can often find him outdoors or playing sports. 
REBEKAH:  Rebekah grew up on a farm in New York. She recently graduated from Brigham Young University in Advertising and Graphic Design. Rebekah splits her time between creating freelance graphic design for Nashville record labels and printing at Persnickety. She is a big Harry Potter and country music fan.
STEVE: Steve is a life sized cartoon character majoring in digital media at Utah Valley University. Steve could spend the entire day playing Mass Effect, but occasionally will come in and print instagrams
SAVANNAH:  Also known as Sav, is a digital illustrator in her senior year at Utah Valley University emphasizing in multi media management. Corel Painter is her go to software program. Sav wakes up to coffee, loves sushi and going to rock concerts, in her words; "Anberlin has put on the best show to date".  Find Savannah's Etsy Shop Here.
RACHEL: Is the modest artist who can draw anything you put in front of her. Rachel grew up in Houston, Texas and moved to Utah to attend Brigham Young University. Rachel is majoring in Studio Arts.
LACEY calls Phoenix, Arizona home. She currently studies English at BYU. Being creative is her passion, whether it's writing stories, editing music videos, or composing piano pieces—she is as artsy as it gets. Lacey is addicted to travel and is often planning her next global adventure. Lastly, Lacey loves photography and is a photo fanatic, making her a perfect fit for Persnickety.
SHAE has lived in Utah her whole life and loves it! She is currently attending UVU and is pursuing a degree in graphic design. She is always happy and loves to laugh. In her free time she enjoys to hike, paint, draw, and play soccer. She’s lovin’ life, and couldn’t be more excited to be a part of the Persnickety Team!
AMANDA: Amanda loves to document the adventures of her family.  When she isn’t biking, hiking or skiing with her family she is always working on a DIY home project. 

KEYAN: Keyan was born and raised in Provo, Utah. He is currently working on his Associate Degree at Utah Valley University.  He is the oldest of 8 and a sport and outdoor enthusiast.  “There are very few sports that I have not tried”. If he is not playing soccer, putting another 100 miles on his running shoes or trying to learn as much as he can about the stars in space, he spends lots of his time designing homes or landscapes. 






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