Digital creativity is taking the world by storm.
Everyday we are asked, "How do you do that? How can I create my own digital journal, a custom invitation or Christmas Card?"
Today we will share our own personal review of one of our favorite software programs; My Memories Suite.  Not only is this program easy to use, it's so affordable! Only $19.97 for the upgrade, and $39.97 for the full shabang. (and we might even have a special discount for you at the end of this review)
Last year, we listed the TOP 10 Reasons why you need My Memories Suite! Well, the list just got longer!
We loved the simplicity of creating 12x12 and 8x8 layouts but wanted to see more custom options.... and guess what? They did it! MMS is bigger and better than ever before!
The most exciting new feature is the "custom canvas". With v3, you can now create cards, bookmarks, bottle labels, tags, and even project life cards!
Here is a quick lineup of what the upgrade can now do: (full feature list)
    • Enhanced speed and page viewing
    • Updated interface with new graphics
    • Adjustable canvas sizes for other craft projects   <----- woot! woot!
    • New Imprints feature
    • New automated calendar builder
    • Improved editing for grouped elements
    • New multi element editing capabilities
    • Export pages as PNG, JPG or PDF files
    • New Text options for uppercase, lowercase, and sentence case
    • Rotate photo images within the picture box
    • Next and Previous page viewing commands
    • Enhanced search functions for all page elements and Resource Gallery
    • More available shapes (including photo box shapes)
    • Simplified 1-screen export processes
    • Edit elements in pixels or inches
    • Delete multiple pages at one time
    • Improved sharing wizard for photobooks
    • Enhanced key commands for zooming-in or out on a page
    • Memory of latest fonts used
    • 10 New album templates
 Never fear.... when you upgrade from MMS v2 to v3, you won't skip a beat.
All of your albums, pages, and photos that were created and saved in version 2, will still be intact!

Not only can you use digital designs from around the web, you can also purchase kits from designers at My Memories Suite. When you purchase a MMS Kit, you will download an MMS compatible version AND a Photoshop version!

        1. Create from scratch (see my Christmas Card)
        2. Import your stash
        3. Purchase Designer Kits
        4. MMS Freebies
        5. Join the MMS Designs Club




Here is where we at Persnickety come into play.... PP
Export your layouts, cards, creations to your computer and order them in style at Persnickety Prints!
Import and Export a .png, .jpg or .PDF
That big selection of Freebies we offer? Yep, you can import them into the MMS software!



The "Custom Size"
You can now create anything up to 36 inches wide and 72 inches high. (hello bill boards!)
For some reason, MMS titles each creation an "album". When I think of an album, I think of multiple pages- however, you do have the capability of creating single products! (we'll put a word in about that)



Thanks to LeeLou Designs quickpage templates, I made both of these layouts in under 5 minutes!


10 off

Get it Now for $29.97 or Try it Free!  checkout with discount code-  STMMMS0930


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