Our software reads your files embedded sRGB color space. Color and brightness will vary with each monitor.colorprofiling

How to set up your color settings in Photoshop:

1. Open Photoshop
Mac OS X Users: Go to Photoshop in the Menu Bar > Color Settings
Windows Users: Go to Edit in the Menu Bar > Color Settings

2. Select a Working Space for RGB Files.
We recommend sRGB IEC61966-2.1.

3. Select "Convert to Working RGB" next to RGB under Color Management Policies.

4. Check "Ask When Opening and Ask When Pasting" next to Profile Mismatches.

Whenever you open a file that is saved and tagged in a color space other than your working space, Photoshop will prompt you to convert to the working color space. When you save your JPEGs out of Photoshop, make sure to check the "Embed Color Profile" checkbox in the Save dialog box. Without this checked, we do not know the color space of your files, and you will have unpredictable color in your prints.

In Lightroom, there are no color spaces to choose until you export an image. In the Export screen, go down to the "File Settings" section. There is a pull-down menu for Color Space. For the best photographic prints, select sRGB.





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