One of the key factors to whether your digital picture looks good when it is printed is its resolution. Resolution simply means how many pixels (dots) are in your digital image. If the resolution is very high (i.e., there are many dots), the picture will look crisp and sharp. If the resolution is low, it will look jagged and rough, especially at large print sizes.

All things being equal, a digital camera with more pixels will produce pictures with better resolution than a camera with less pixels. A 1 mega pixel camera means that the camera records 1 million pixels or dots per picture on its highest quality setting.

The better the resolution, the larger the file size generally is. Larger files can clog email boxes and take a longer time to download from a web site. As a result, many pictures you see in emails or on non photo-related web sites are often scaled down to a low resolution that is not suitable for high quality prints.

If you are using our online photo ordering system, we will "warn" you if a picture does not meet our suggested resolution standards.



Image based on a 12x12 print.



See Resolution Part 2



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